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Jayne Batstone is an artist all over the arts.

Jayne Batstone of St. John’s the singer, songwriter is taking a few moments to talk about her debut EP, Line Art.

Batstone says art is not really hard if you enjoy it.

She says she is from a family of artists who loves arts and encourages to take it as a career. she shares while in Pandemic in lockdown 2020 she was experimenting with her writing in song and came up with the song “I won’t say it”, and played for her father Chris Batstone, a veteran of many St. John’s bands. 

She says her father was taken away from her creativity and said to record it. And then the next morning it clicked her to make an album.

Thus, She joined her father’s recording studio and recorded four more original songs, which became her EP Line Art

Taking about her interest in arts she is from the first year in the art theater program at Grenfell, she has been acting and dancing from an early age. 

Batstone agrees that arts play a vital role in her life. Though gaining the highest success is still to work hard but she loves what she is doing, It’s something that she is passionate about.

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