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New food bank on Port au Port Peninsula caters to 50 households

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Key takeaways: 

  • Chief of Benoit First Nation states the demand has only grown since the pandemic.
  • The Mi’kmaw Centre food bank was unlocked in De Grau on the Port au Port Peninsula on Friday, Jan 21.
  • Since then, 100 or so households have seen.

Food Bank on Port au Port Peninsula: 

A First Nation chief who supported initiating a new food bank on the Port au Port Peninsula states a surge of individuals on opening day emphasizes the requirement for more food security efforts in the province.

Benoit First Nation Chief Jasen Benewah stated some 30 families were anticipated at the Mi’kmaw Centre food bank when it unlocked in De Grau on Jan 21. He calculates approximately 50 families showed up, some standing in line for as long as an hour.

All of that, ere a single advertising flyer had been circulated.

Benewah stated the scene was proof of a stark reality in the province.

“Our individuals are hurting,” he stated. “The hunger is there.” Source –

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New food bank supplies food to 50 households

A rising need

Benewah stated job losses and inflation since the beginning of the pandemic had produced food even more unavailable for numerous in the Port au Port province. He noted that the worry of COVID-19 exposure has also held some away from grocery shops, particularly seniors.

“Costs are going way up on food supplies, and a lot of individuals are on set incomes,” Benewah stated. Source –

 “When they spend their heat and their lights, they have very little cash for food, and that part of the money they have is being squeezed.” Source –

Benewah stated the view to open a food bank had been brewing for a time. At the onset of the pandemic, the band gave out food hampers and PPE kits for those in the region.

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