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As fuel prices skyrocket, EV advocates say now’s the time to go electric

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Key takeaways: 

  • One EV owner states fuel prices are at least one-fifth of a gas-powered vehicle.
  • As prices for transportation fuel persist in growing, owners of electric vehicles (EVs) say now is the moment to think about ditching gas-powered cars for good.

Time to go electric after prices grow: 

On Friday, the region’s Public Utilities Board posted record-high costs for gasoline and diesel, among other fuels.

Currently, the price-per-liter for standard unleaded self-serve is beyond $1.90 across the island. In Ramea, Churchill Falls, and Change Islands, that price outperformed $2.

But despite being insulated from increasing costs for transportation fuel, EV advocate and co-founder of Drive Electric NL Jon Seary states now is not a time to gloat: “It is a time to step back and make some serious goals,” he said.

Fuel up on savings

Joe Butler, who co-founded Drive Electric NL with Seary, states price stability is one of the primary reasons EVs swear him for the previous six years.

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EV advocates says its time to go electric after skyrocketing fuel costs

“I can expect approximately what my fuel will be,” he said. “And nowadays, it’s likely one-fifth or one-sixth of the price if I had gasoline for the equivalent car.” 

Butler said while the sticker cost may be higher for EVs, more affordable options exist: Each of the three he’s driven, including his recent Tesla Model 3, were all bought second-hand.

“Look at your car costs and your fuel bills together,” Butler stated. “The car payments are slightly higher, but your fuel price is so much lower. Their overall price per month is lower.”

Butler said while rates will probably go up as Muskrat Falls comes online, a less flammable fuel source, lower operating prices, and monetary incentives from regional and federal governments make driving electricity a no-brainer.

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