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The housing market this year is a busiest with a rise of 18%

Take away Keys:

  • The unexpected rise in the price and sales of houses in Canada.
  • The rise of 18 percent is inevitable during this year.

It is assumed that the average rise is around $716,585 across the country.

Though this year has not yet been completed the data shows that the Canadian real estate business has risen to a new hike during 2021. 

More than 100,000 realtors around the country have confirmed in the media that the average selling price of the houses sold on the group’s Multiple Listings Service was $716,585 which is a hike of 18 percent when compared a year earlier in the same month.

It is observed that not only the prices are rising in the market but sales have increased more than eight percent in October from September’s level. Thus, it is seen that the selling of 581,275 houses has changed hands in the first 10 months of the year. Which is escalated compared to the previous year’s record of 552,423 and still two months left for the year to complete.

CREA chair Cliff Stevenson commented that it was assumed housing markets after summer might come down a bit, however, the October number shows a different picture. There is a hike in the demand and supply conditions.

Stevenson advised building new housings as the demand has risen.

It is inevitable that the price of housing is upsurging from mid of 2020 where people were assumed that due to pandemics the price might reduce. However, it can be clearly confirmed that Canada’s real estate market has been raised breaking several records.

Policy-makers from the Bank of Canada assumed to record low interest to stimulate the economy while it has caused severe impact causing mortgage debt to explode.

Now, the country’s financial regulator has been hard with the approval of the home loan. This is the reason that the craze has been cooled down a little however, the prices and sales are still above pre-pandemics levels.

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