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The price of gas hits up to almost 14 cents across NL

Nfld and Labrador

Key takeaways: 

  • Costs beat $2 per liter in areas of the region.
  • There were long queues at multiple gas stations across Newfoundland and Labrador on Thursday ahead of a climb in fuel costs Friday morning.

Fuel prices in NL increase by nearly 14 cents: 

Gas costs in Newfoundland and Labrador have soared, hitting up over 14 cents per liter across the region.

The region’s Public Utilities Board raised the maximum cost of gasoline 14.4 cents each liter Friday, raising the cost of a liter of unleaded self-serve on the Avalon Peninsula to nearly $1.92, with prices more increased in other parts of the region, all of their record highs.

All other kinds of fuel are up by above 20 cents, except propane, which is witnessing no change.

Diesel leaped 24.8 cents per liter; furnace oil rose by nearly 20 cents; stove oil grew by 23 cents in Newfoundland and only under 21 cents per liter in Labrador. The cost change is the second in 24 hours, as the gas price grew 4.5 cents per liter on Thursday.

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Gas prices in NL hit a new record by 14 cents

The sudden leap results from “extraordinary commodity market developments,” stated the PUB in a media release, probably directing worries regarding oil supply related to Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Since December, the costs have risen nearly every week, leaving drivers like Bernard Grant of Steady Brook thwarted and looking for any relief at the pumps.

“It’s never going to finish because we got somebody in the government who don’t care a God damn.… There’s not much I can do regarding it,” Grant spoke Thursday. 

The local government sets a gas tax of 14.5 cents per liter. Premier Andrew Furey stated that Finance Minister Siobhan Coady checks the gas tax while designing the upcoming regional funding.

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