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Snowy owl was saved from a raven attack by a Labrador kayaker.

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  • A man held was considered a hero when he rescued a snowy owl from the cold water.
  • Owl after rescue seems touchable by the help.

A Labrador man is welcomed as a wildlife hero after rescuing a snowy owl from the cold waters of Little Lake near the Northwest River while kayaking on Friday.

Billy Gauthier was roaming and enjoying the weather paddling down the lake in seek of a peaceful jaunt around the water.

However, an owl came down from nowhere from a nearby bridge and passed directly above him.

 He was scared first when the owl came close to him says Gauthier.

But then he noticed a mob of ravens repeatedly attacking the birds on the tail of the owl.

Gautier and his paddling partner were watching for fear of the attack unfolding in front of them. Over time, a mob of ravens (a catchphrase where “unkindness” is properly used) dropped owls very close to the surface of the water.

Gauthier said he has watched videos on YouTube a few days before and learned that owls, crows, and ravens are basically enemies.

The owl bobbing in the freezing water didn’t seem to repel the attackers, he said. 

“She looked very beautiful, but I thought this poor animal didn’t even fight. She would drown.”

Gauthier drifted nearby and carefully attempted to pull the owl out of the water with a paddle and lead it to the bow of the kayak. She grabbed the boat and dragged herself from the lake.

“She was completely soaked. Her wings were completely saturated,” he said. “She only sat in front of me for about 15 minutes. We kept eye contact, and I never forget those amazing yellow eyes staring at me. It was inevitable.

Gauthier squinted at the owl’s sharp claws, spoke quietly so as not to scare the animal, and said he was moving slowly. His partner took pictures while the bird was dry, and the two approached the bank to give the bird more time to recover.

With excitement, they posted those photos on the internet over the weekend with lots of fanfare. Wood carving Gauthier said he would use that memory in his future works of art.

Gauthier elaborates his love for wildlife says he loves being surrounded by nature and wildlife but this experience was unique creating a lifetime memory in his life.

However, the owl also realized that we were her saver and will not harm her.

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