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Baby diagnosed with a sprain had actually suffered a stroke.

Takeaway Keys:

  • According to experts, the pandemic probably increases the likelihood of misdiagnosis.
  • The mother from Ontario confirms that she talked to three different hospital doctors to get an accurate diagnosis while he fell and got injured.

The Ontario mother says she had to take her baby to three different hospitals within a week after being injured in a fall and consult six doctors for an accurate diagnosis.

Sana Tayab-Mohammad, 34, told go public that she is in trauma and it scares her.

She told that her son Uzair, 11 months old was two times diagnosed with sprained arm. She also told that her son even had a stroke and was partially paralyzed.  

TayabMohammad says She understands that it is very rare for a baby to have a stroke, but he believes doctors should have understood that the baby’s condition was not the result of a simple sprain.

“His left side wasn’t working at all. She said his head was leaning to the left. “He could move little his arm, his left hand was clenched, and his left leg and foot had little movement.” 

Studies show that 10 to 15 percent of people who come to the hospital’s emergency room are affected by misdiagnosis, according to the emergency doctor who studied and wrote the book about diagnostic failure. Patrick Croskerry, a teacher at Dalhousie School of Medicine in Halifax, says heart attacks, sepsis, and stroke are the most frequently misdiagnosed illnesses. 

Doctors are known to conclude that such patients have minor problems and send them home to see their doctor or return to the emergency room if there are significant changes. . 

Croskerry believes that the pandemic has increased the likelihood of misdiagnosis.

People work very hard every day. Cognitive science literature shows that working hard can impair decision-making,” he told Go Public. He envisions that after the end of the COVID19 crisis, an investigation will be conducted to calculate the impact on the emergency room. He said the severe effects seemed “unavoidable” due to the additional workload and stress caused by the pandemic.

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