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Shocking news getting viral of swap babies in California due to IVF mix-up.

A California couple is now taking legal action against the fertility clinic who has to trade with another couple after giving birth to the wrong baby who is claiming for their biological infant back.

In 2018, Daphna Cardinale, with the support of her husband, Alexander, decided to try in-vitro fertilization (IVF) to give their daughter a sibling. while in 2019 the couple was happy with the positive result and were expecting a new member in the family.

However, the born baby did not match the physical traits of her mom and dad. The child has darker hair does not belong to any of her immediate family members. However, the child’s complexion was even darker than her parent’s.

Alexander in his interview with CBS says “I had a weird, sort of a gut reaction when she was born. It wasn’t anything logical. It was just like an instinct”

It was more perplexed when the fertility clinic asked for a photograph of the child. Where already parents were puzzled by the baby’s appearance for weeks. After asking for the photos Alexander wondered whether the fertility clinic knew anything about this.

Daphna and her husband were shocked after the DNA test who revealed that the baby’s DNA do not match with any one of them. Daphna says “I was overwhelmed by feelings of fear, betrayal, anger, and heartbreak,”

 While announcing the lawsuit she said she was robbed and felt hurt who thought to bring joy and happiness in her life had to endure pain and trauma.

Their lawyer, Alex Wolf, told Today that the fertility clinic transferred an embryo that belonged to a stranger. However, it was like a surrogate for another couple’s baby.

Now, the couple thought about their embryo and wondered what would have happened to their embryo. Cardinale’s embryo was carried by another couple who gave birth a week apart in September 2019.

After it was confirmed about the mix-up, the families meet up daily. Eventually, they wondered what to do ahead. However, they decided to switch babies so that they babies are nurtured with their biological parents.

With broken-hearted, Daphna says she has missed the whole newborn phase and has missed the whole pregnancy.

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