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The Cheekbone Beauty brand aims to empower youths towards eco-friendly makeup.

For Jennifer Harper, Cheekborn Beauty, which owns her own cosmetics laboratory and cosmetics line, feels grateful to introduce eco-friendly makeup it is like dream come true for her.

In 2015, the Canadian entrepreneur Anishinaabe, who now lives in St. Catharines, Ontario dream of a brand that is nature friendly without harming beauty. 

From no earlier experience in the industry to CEO of a Canadian-made splendor brand (with a call she purposefully chose, to rejoice a facial characteristic Indigenous human beings are regarded for) — it is all a fact Harper says she will be able to rarely believe.

It feels surreal, partly because Harper overcame many things by the time She got here. Her journey was characterized by her previous struggle with alcoholism and her struggle with her identity as an interracial female between a white mother and an indigenous father. Then, as she explains it, there is a “continuous companion in pain” who loses her brother in suicide.

Harper, who grew up with a white mother, was also unfamiliar with her indigenous roots. When it turned out after her that her grandmother was a boarding school student, she said it was her ah moment.

Harper believes when there is trauma, it usually lasts for generations unless someone chooses to fix it, heal it, or start a trauma-changing job.

Recognizing the intergenerational trauma affecting families and the long-term consequences of colonial abuse on the indigenous communities of Canada, Harper cut the cycle to Harper. She was empowered by the last words she heard from her brother before his death.

Harper developed Cheekbone Beauty right into a make-up business enterprise this is extra than pores and skin deep, with a venture for growing an area wherein Indigenous humans can sense supported, celebrated, and seen.

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