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The Victoria couple is sensational in a small house built on a former BC Ferries lifeboat.

Take away keys:

  • The couple is making adventurous aboard Luja.
  • The couple turns a 28-foot semi-lifeboat into a customized boat to live.

A couple from Victoria, B.C. has documented their adventurous journey of converting a former BC Ferries lifeboat to a tiny home.

According to their website over the past year, the couple has been working hard to transform a 28-foot semi-enclosed boat into a customized boat with living space.

Dani Tate-Stratton and Toryn Sundstrom are keeping their fans in the loop of every step they are working through their YouTube channel and through the Instagram page.

Tate-Stratton, sitting on Luja’s hull in Sidney, B.C. said that they are lucky enough to find an online community who is interested and support in what they are doing.

Tate Stratton and Sundstrom met in the vault in 2010-a a horse-riding acrobatic trick. As a couple, they questioned the need to live what many people consider to be a traditional lifestyle.

Luja isn’t completely sea-resistant yet, but the couple’s goal is to complete the refurbishment by 2022 and check the box on the travel bucket list. According to their website, this currently includes Southeast Alaska, the St. Lawrence Sea Channel, and European canals.

Meanwhile, her fan base is growing at home and abroad. The couple has a lot of friends and they want to know about this fun electric boat and a lot about it, says Tate Stratton.

They also wanted to show people that electric motorboats are possible. Currently, there are several electric sailboats and a few electric motorboats.

Luja offers a living space of 200 square meters-the size of some modern micro-apartments, she added. Lifeboats have provided a creative alternative as they may buy condos or pay soaring rents.

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