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Turkey Trends: Is It Worth A Hype?

Chef Andie Bulman is exploring many ways to cook birds. 

Making turkeys is horrifying. He is the centerpiece of the show, proudly sitting in the middle of the festive table. 

However, it can feel like all the fun has been sucked from this particular culinary project. There is pressure to fry the perfect bird and it feels like a work specially designed to not stress people. 

Many things can go wrong. The most common mistakes are: Don’t thaw the turkey before the big day, cook it for a long time, don’t season it well, and (my biggest annoyance) cut the juice into the turkey immediately without calming down. 

So I like the weird turkey trend. If you do something different, the fun will come back to the event. 

Here is a brief history of some of my favorites.


In 1987, the National Turkish Federation of the United States issued a press release claiming that eating fried turkey was like staring at a loaded double-barreled shotgun. 

One barrel is a cardiologist’s nightmare and the other barrel is a microbiologist’s worst dream.

 ” The danger of frying turkey isn’t the only thing. During the US and Canadian Christmas season, there are plenty of warning stories about someone burning delicious golden birds in the deck, garage, or home.

The trend towards turkey fried foods began when Martha Stewart Living published a cover story on this subject in 1996, but the tradition is actually that people are frying turkeys on aluminum lobsters in the southern United States. 

You can go back to. A kettle from the 1970s. I sincerely advocate a trendy method, provided that I follow some housekeeping rules. 

Do not fry in a crop top or hoodie, burn someone’s house, or fry a turkey stuffed animal. It is also advisable to keep the oil around 350 degrees Fahrenheit and make sure the turkey is completely thawed before draining it into the bat. 

Fried turkey provides the most juicy and exciting meat, but it has its drawbacks. No bread juice means no sauce.

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