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Yvette Nicole Brown on searching for `exceptional glimpses of light and rainbows’ in life.

Yvette Nicole Brown is a lot: actress, comedian, and provider of wisdom. The Emmy Award-nominated Black Lady Sketch Show and Community Alum are not only cheerful, but also empathetic and enlightened. At least he seems to have a good outlook on life. Brown gives back and always chooses kindness to live. It shows how she treats others. 

Yahoo Life engages with DonorsChoose, a non-profit organization that meets people from Cleveland from their home in Los Angeles to help teachers in need, how to “reproduce” adversity, LEGO deals with the recent loss of mothers We talked about why it helped us to do it. 

How is your daily relationship with mental health?

I believe in therapy-I think it’s great-and I’m a believer. Pray a lot and welcome your friends’ prayers. I hope it doesn’t get too dark, but what I’ve learned is that life is usually tough and there are amazing insights into the sun and rainbow. When you have the perfect coffee, spend the perfect afternoon with your friends, or watch a great movie, wrap it in bubble wrap and mentally put it on the shelf. If you need a break in the middle of the trash can, you can pull it off the shelf and remind yourself of a movie or a cup of coffee. I don’t think it will be fine every day due to this change in perspective, so even if things go wrong, my stomach will not hurt. This is my spiritual trick, along with prayer and conversation with the therapist.

Okay, if you just hug struggles…

What do you say about this? You say it again: it’s not a fight, it’s just life! I try to think about my purpose and why we are here all the time. The important thing is to give and do good. That’s why I love what Nature Made has done with Sponsors. Select for Teachers in Los Angeles. They lighten the burden on teachers. That’s life for me: offloading.

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