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St. John’s musician Pete believes that we should all be calm and listen to good lullaby.

St. John’s musicians, who allow Pete to record a collection of lullabies, are a rare choice for their debut album by musicians in their twenties. 

Lullabies for Theo is a collection of gentle acoustic songs designed to bring babies and toddlers to sleep.

 “That’s the exact opposite of what I feel in my life right now,” Pete said. “Everyone feels very stressed, burned out, scared and worried …. [Album] is for everyone to listen, take a deep breath and calm down.”

Pete, also known as Peter McDonald, grew up in St. John’s, a family devoted to performing arts. 

His parents, Peter McDonald and Ronauda Hatton McDonald, run a music theater production company. 

Peter McDonald Jr. has been singing and playing on stage since he was 5 years old. 

McDonald is currently starting his own career in performing arts, focusing primarily on music in his band With Violet and his own solo career.

Inspired by children 

The music for Theo was motivated by the babies and toddlers in MacDonald’s circle among family and friends.

MacDonald said that it is fascinating energy created while children are involved in singing and creating magic through their innocent.

Pete and his musical collaborators – Spencer Fitzgerald, Sarah Newell, and her mother – listened to a variety of children’s, singer-songwriters, and acoustic folk music to develop their collection of songs and their soothing singing.

Not very comfortable 

So does playing a song to follow make Pete relax and get ready for a nap? 

“It makes me nervous,” says MacDonald. “I’m still thinking about all the work that’s needed. But I hope that one day it will calm me down.”

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