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10% of N.L. English School Employees Do Not Declare Vaccination Status: District

District Director Tony Stack says more teachers will certify vaccinations in the coming days.

Newfoundland and Labrador teachers have a week to explain the full vaccination. 

Otherwise, you will be given unpaid leave indefinitely. On Thursday, Tony Stack, director of the Newfoundland and Labrador English School Districts, said about 1,000 school district employees, including teachers, school supervisors and managers, have not yet declared their status. 

However, he said he did not anticipate a significant staff shortage after the deadline. “90% of our employees have already uploaded documents, and the rest expect to do so before the deadline,” Stack told on Thursday. 

All employees who did not show full vaccination by December. 17 people are given unpaid leave and are not allowed to attend school. Stack said these employees will be on vacation as long as public health measures are in place. 

According to the stack, the district has no knowledge of which employees have not yet uploaded their status and who may have refused vaccination. He said only 35 employees demanded a tax exemption and the deadline for doing so was Wednesday. 

“At this point, I think only these 35 people are requesting this,” he said. 

Education Minister Tom Osborne said educators had called for the introduction of additional public health protocols.

 “Ensuring compulsory vaccination of educators is one of those steps to ensure that the classroom is safer,” he said.

On December 17, mid-October, the provincial government announced vaccination deadlines for all public sector personnel, including school district employees. “It’s another tool to help people feel safe,” said Prime Minister Andrew Furley at the time. “Full vaccination not only protects one person, but all of us.” 

In a statement Thursday, a Treasury spokesman said 88% of key civil servants were prevented. He disclosed the status of vaccination and stated that 99.8% of them complied with the mandatory vaccination guidelines.

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