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All nurses except one of COVID19 quarantine Nain says, community leader.

Labrador has an unprecedented level of COVID 19 and there are 624 activities in the area (as of Tuesday).

According to local community leaders, the remote Labrador community in Nine has 1,100 inhabitants cared for by nurses who are not isolated on COVID 19. 

A child and youth worker, Jenny Oliver, an Inuit village about 370 kilometers north of Happy Valley Goose Bay, fights the epidemic of Omicron variants as all nurses in the community except one, he said 

He needed more help for that. Will bury people in our community. My fear is that I have to dig a mass grave, “Oliver said. “And my fear is that it will be too late for someone to realize that help should or should be in Nine.”tells Laborrador Grenfell Health, an active nurse.

 I asked them to check the number of and whether to use auxiliary staff. Oliver said people understand the seriousness of the situation but are not well informed. The government of Nunatsiavut said there were 15 confirmed COVID cases and 3 suspicious COVID cases in the community.

“Many people in the quarantine feel very lonely,” Oliver said. “It reminds me of the Spanish flu and its impact on our community.” In 1918 and 1919, one-third of Inuit’s population died of the Spanish flu in just five months.

 Even today, there are cases of tuberculosis in this area. Oliver said people in the fly-in community feel they are left in the dark.

Nunatsiavut President Johannes Lampe said the test went well and the state government is supplying supplies to the region. 

He said residents need to be cautiously prepared. “We knew that COVID would come someday,” Lampe said. “But at the same time, we need to be calm and do our best to follow the protocol we have been using for many years.”

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