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Are studded tires suitable for the road? A supporter and an opponent clash.

As local temperatures cool and the likelihood of snowfall increases, drivers face annual debate-whether tires are studded? 

No from the rally short. 

A financial analyst was involved in a rear-end collision in St. John’s in 2018. The short was stopped at a traffic light when a car was suddenly trying to drive into his.

Since then, Short has been paying attention to studded tires. “People get the impression that studded tires are safer, especially in winter,” says Short. “It only works during the period of ice … it doesn’t work on wet roads, dry roads, or slashes.”

There have been several attempts to find studded tires in N.L. To ban, and the youngest-by Mount Pearl Mayor Dave Aker in 2019 was not selected at a meeting of the Newfoundland and Labrador communities. 

But there are supporters, Safety N.L. Jim Brazil, a driving instructor of the company, is one of them. The studded tire itself is not the cause of the rear-end collision. When driving with the car it is the driver who does not adapt speed and distance to other vehicles. 

“There is a resolution for people who are late. Wait a minute,” Brazil said. 

“Understand that you’re in a car studded with tires. Dry pavement means you have to go back farther than the three seconds we normally teach our students.”

Studded tires, according to Brazil, can help during particular weather conditions that cause roads to freeze, such as black ice or sleet.

“You may expect to see this sort of weather in various parts of Newfoundland, particularly coastal regions like St. John’s. That is the situation with studded tires “Brazil said.

He understands why people don’t want to use them because of drawbacks such as the possibility of hydroplaning, and he recognizes that studded tires can harm pavement, so Brazil feels they should only be used in regions of the province that get a lot of freezing rain and ice.

“People shouldn’t put studded tires on if they aren’t going into harsh areas,” Brazil added.

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