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British Police Investigation Video Related to Christmas Celebrations at Windsor Castle.

A 19-year-old man arrested at Crossbow on the grounds of Castle.

British police said on Monday that he was investigating a video related to a crossbow-armed man arrested at Windsor Castle on Christmas Day. 

A video from The Sun newspaper shows a masked person in a dark hoodie holding a crossbow and speaking into the camera in a distorted voice, hoping to “kill” Queen Elizabeth. 

Sun said the video was broadcast from the suspect’s Snapchat account shortly before the suspect’s arrest. Police said he had arrested a 19-year-old man on the grounds of Windsor Castle after a security breach on Christmas morning. While searching for a man, police officers found a crossbow.

The man was suspected of violating the reserve and possessing assault weapons, but did not enter the building. 

Police said the unnamed suspect was detained under the Mental Health Act and “cares for medical professionals.” Police said detectives “check the content of the video.”

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace declined to comment. Queen , 95, spends her Christmas vacation in Windsor, west of London, after choosing not to stay in Sandringham, the royal mansion in eastern England, where she traditionally spends the festive season with her family. 

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