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Canadian Blood Services is asking for more donors in NL. 

Nfld and Labrador

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  • ‘It’s essential to meet the requirements now and into the future,’ declares Gord Skiffington.
  • Canadian Blood Services is looking for new and returning donors to maintain supplies rushing to Newfoundland and Labrador hospitals. 

NL blood services in search of blood donors to supply to hospitals in NL: 

The Canadian Blood Services states that the coronavirus variant Omicron makes it hard to gather sufficient blood in Newfoundland and Labrador. The organization is asking more individuals to roll up their sleeves to donate. 

On Wednesday, Gord Skiffington, a manager for Canadian Blood Services in St. John’s, informed CBC News that the Omicron surge had put stress on the service across Canada with individuals becoming infected, isolation needs, and staffing consequences.

“The newest Omicron COVID-19 surge has been challenging for Canadian Blood Services like never before,” stated Skiffington. Source –

“These products have put an added strain on Canada’s lifeline to satisfy the demand, and we’ve been noticing a drop in donations not only here in Newfoundland but right across the nation.” Source –

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Blood services of Canada ask for more donors

Skiffington told Canadian Blood Services is part of a nationwide blood inventory. If there’s a surplus in Newfoundland and Labrador, it can be sent to another part of the nation and vice versa.

But that’s the last case plan, asking regional citizens to help keep supplies rushing to local hospitals. There were 510 appointments available for securing in St. John’s alone at the start of February. As of Wednesday, there was still 121 open. In March, 770 positions ought to be served, he told.

There’s an asking for returning donors to come around when they can, but Canadian Blood Services is also peeking for new donors to help in.

“It’s critical to complete the needs now and into the future,” stated Skiffington. Source –

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