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Coast guard transferred their search operation for two hunters in the Bay of Exploits to RCMP.

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  • The search for two missing hunters in the Bay of Exploits ends.
  • Realizing that there are fewer chances of survival coast Canadian rescue officials transferred the case to RCMP.

The rescue mission of hunting two missing hunters has been ended and it has been transferred to RCMP on Tuesday at 6 p.m. 

According to Mark Gould, a supervisor for maritime search and rescue have realized that there are no reasonable chances of survival they have given the case to RCMP for further search.

Now, RCMP and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans confirmed that two men on Saturday around the afternoon from Gander left Lawrence Harbour went turr hunting in the Bay of Exploits. After that, they have not been seen.

Gould said the long time after they have been missing is a concern of rescue operations.

He said further added that they have tried their best and have searched the islands and any feasible cabins and places that they could do.

However, after eliminating the possibilities and passing the survivability time, they believed that it is not an option for them to keep moving.

Gould said weather and clothing are calculated while survivability time for any incident by the coast guards. 

However, the search group on Tuesday focused on a large stretch of water north of Black Island in the Bay of Exploits which was about three times vast as Fogo Island commented officials.

About 15 nautical miles from their starting area of Lawrence Harbour the rescue group has found an aluminum boat belonging to two men from that area. 

The 14 -foot boat which was used by the men hunting was found overturned alongside clothing and personal items which was confirmed by a Canadian coast guard.

From Sunday the rescue team is searching including three coast guard ships, Department of National Defence aircraft, local volunteer boats, and ground search and rescue volunteers.

However, Gould says the coast guard will continue to support the RCMP during the search operation which the police force will commence.

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