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Coming soon: N.L. An unscheduled briefing will be held at 1 pm. NT might discuss regarding schools in the midst of growing COVID 19 outbreaks.

N.L. Record 194 new cases reported on Tuesday

Newfoundland and Labrador officials will hold an unscheduled meeting at 1:00 pm. with the proliferation of COVID 19 cases that currently cover the entire state, we provide the latest information about the school. 

In a statement to the media, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health said authorities had no plans to change alert levels. The state is currently at alert level 3, household contact is limited to 20 people, and recreational facilities and bars are closed. 

Premier Andrew Furey, Health Minister John Haggie, Education Minister Tom Osborne and Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Janice Fitzgerald will be attenting the meeting. 

As of Tuesday, there were 843 active cases in the state, and the virus has invaded the smaller Labrador community and continues to discover even more suspicious infections. 

Nain Inuit Government (NICG) declared on Monday night that the government of Nunatsiavut had declared that there was one COVID 19 positive case in the community and nine more were believed to be positive.  

NICG encourages residents to stay home and stay in their bladder unless they absolutely need to go out. The government also encourages travelers to leave the community unless there is a compelling reason to do so.

In its own media release, the Nunatsiavut government continues contact tracing and finds more suspicious positive cases in the next few days, despite the struggle for healthcare professionals to get supplies. 

In a statement the Ministry of Health stated that Monday’s weather-related flight delays banned the replenishment of COVID 19 test materials in the northern community. 

The flight resumed on Tuesday, but on Wednesday morning Air Borealis tweeted that coastal flights to Labrador were suspended due to poor conditions throughout the region. 

The Ministry of Health said Fitzgerald, Labrador Grenfell Health, and the government of Nunatsiavut are still monitoring the situation.

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