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Couples vaccinated from Ontario say they fought “stupid with stupid” to get out of border quarantine.

The Minister says the Border Services Agency will begin accepting personal documents,

 The only thing Eric and Kerri Langer started to confirm their property as a short trip to New York was because they didn’t have the ArriveCAN app. Turned into a week-long struggle to revoke an unexpected quarantine order, don’t load this when trying to cross the border on their return. 

Their “ridiculous” problem ended up with a “ridiculous” solution, said a fully vaccinated couple from Cobourg, Ontario. 

After returning to the United States on Thursday, they returned to Canada and re-presented the vaccination card to officers. 

The second time, their dissertation was accepted and no longer needed to be quarantined.

 “See, here we had to fight for foolish,” Eric Langer then drove home. 

The couple’s experience is one of many experiences reported over the past few months, showing continued confusion and skepticism about Canada’s border rules.

Last summer, some travelers reported receiving a robocall urging them to enter the quarantine even if they didn’t need it. One person was fined more than $ 6,000 for forgetting his email password at the border and not having access to negative test results. And in October, a Toronto man said he received test results with other people’s personal information, though he hadn’t traveled for months.

 “We have the right to protect ourselves in court,” said Kerri Langer. It seems that we have to accept anything that is being imported by police though we might be innocence.

‘No information. It’s crazy’ 

The Langers entered the United States last weekend to visit Lake Placid’s home for the first time since the COVID 19 pandemic began. They read Canada’s travel rules and said they kept their trips within 72 hours, so they didn’t have to submit negative COVID 19 test results. 

However, he said the ArriveCAN app with their vaccination records was not loaded on Eric’s phone when they stopped by to return home across the Thousand Islands border on Monday morning. Police refused to see the printed document and ordered a two-week quarantine. 

As a small elementary school teacher, Kerri said taking too much time off from work was not an option. When they returned home, Eric began calling elected officials, Health Canada, and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

 “The solution would have been for someone to call to make sure we were actually vaccinated,” Eric said. “Boom. Quarantine will be lifted. But no one is there. There is no information. It’s insane.

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