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COVID19 Connects to St. John’s elementary school, as N.L. announced 9 new cases.

Primary School St. Mary’s is still open on Mondays for those who don’t need to self-isolate.

Newfoundland and Labrador is reporting nine new COVID19 cases since the province’s last update, possibly including one at an elementary school in St. John’s.

According to a letter sent Sunday from the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District, a community member at St. Mary’s tested positive for the virus.

The letter said students who are considered close contacts will receive additional information and advice from public health. Anyone who hasn’t received a notice by 4 p.m. Sunday is not considered close contact. Schools remained open on Monday, except for those ordered to self-isolate.

The Department of Health announced nine new cases of COVID19 on Monday, but it is unclear whether the case of St. Mary is included in that total.

Five of the new cases are in the Eastern Health District: two under the age of 20, one between 20 and 39 and two in their 40s. Four are contacts of a known case, while one involves international travel. There are two new cases at the Medical Center, both under the age of 20, and two new cases at Western Health, both between the ages of 20 and 39.

All four are contacts from the cases. previous judgment. Public health officials also reported two people recently recovered and one person being hospitalized due to COVID19.

The province’s active workload was 21, down from 14 on Friday.The number of completed COVID19 tests in Newfoundland and Labrador remains unavailable due to a computer problem affecting the province’s health system.

The province also shared its first detailed information on the number of children aged 5 to 11 who have now been vaccinated against the virus on its COVID19 website over the weekend.

As of Thursday, about 200 children, or 0.6% of the eligible population, had received the first dose. More than 90 percent of people 12 years of age and older are fully immunized, while 94 percent have received at least one dose.

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