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Debris in hunt of two missing boaters in Newfoundland waters

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  • Since Sunday rescue team has been searching for the missing boaters.
  • Due to poor visibility, the operation seems difficult.

According to the Canadian coast, two missing men left on a hunting expedition off the coast of Newfoundland and didn’t return. Debris is searching for men in the water.

It is believed by Neil Peet, that a 20 year and a 30-year-old assumed to be departed from Lawrence Harbour the coast guard’s acting superintendent of maritime search and rescue, in the Bay of Exploits area, on Saturday in a 14-foot aluminum boat.

A call from family members received around 5:15 who said the men were overdue, the RCMP said Monday afternoon. 

On 14th Nov the search was initiated including three coast guard ships, local volunteer boats, Department of National Defence aircraft, and ground search and rescue, volunteers.

Peet declared Debris has confirmed that the man was seen about three nautical miles north of Black Island, Notre Dame Bay, and about 15 nautical miles from the starting point.

He further added that the coast guard will not admit to the things found due to respect for the family.

Peet further elaborating said they are throwing everything that they have it. Due to the time of the year and the water temperature and the fact that debris was seen in the water, thus, it is assumed to have some grave concerns for the welfare of the individuals.

However, the poor visibility seems a great obstacle in the search operation but the coastal guards will continue the search operation till the men are found.

He said the search the number and the size of islands in the Bay of Exploits is three times the size of Fogo Island. They are in full search mode and are ready to do for the future foreseeable.

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