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Furey flies arrived in Port aux Basques after record storm severs highway links in N.L.

Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Andrew Furey have arrived in the town of ChannelPort aux Basques to help assess the damage caused by a massive storm that brought record rainfall and damage after it hit.

Furey, who traveled by helicopter with Transport Secretary Elvis Loveless due to rain in and out of the community, arrived just after 1:30 p.m. NT on Thursday.

The trip also included the care of a patient who needed to be taken to the hospital for urgent treatment. The helicopter service is currently used for emergency situations without a schedule for road repairs.

Just over 165 mm of rain has fallen at ChannelPort aux Basques since Tuesday, setting records for the highest total rainfall in 24 hours and the highest rainfall in two days, according to Environment Canada meteorologist Rodney Barney. 

According to Environment Canada meteorologist. The northern Codroy Valley is flooded with an even higher rainfall: 195.6 mm.

Fury told CBC News Wednesday that about 5,000 people are currently isolated from other parts of the state due to storms and street cleansing.

Meanwhile, a helicopter rescued two people from an area near South Branch, known to locals as Overfalls. An RCMP spokesman said the couple was stuck in a camper after the water level rose and sought help after midnight Wednesday. 

The Barachois Ground Search and Rescue and Joint Rescue Coordination Center was used to find the Duo and their dog, but RCMP says rescuers could not find them due to weather and street cleaning. increase. Police said the Cougar helicopter rescued them shortly before 4:30 pm. Wednesday.

Washouts and road closures litter the roads from Trans-Canada Highway and Port aux Basques to the north of the Codroy Valley. As wet rainy days continue and the winds weaken, Barney said the area’s rain warnings have ended and the conditions are now convenient for the storm-stricken communities to clean up are better.

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