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Heavy rain returns to southern British Columbia and a new evacuation order is issued.

Some highways were aggressively closed on Saturday, with up to 120mm of rain expected. 

In the already saturated areas of the state, rains continue overnight, and the province and Environment do not expect the rain to subside until Sunday afternoon.

We issued a rain warning on Friday, warning about another storm front arriving on Tuesday. new flood clocks have been published on the Tulameen, Similkameen, Coldwater, and Nicola rivers.

It is expected to rain more than 100 millimeters near the mountains in southern British Columbia, and 80 millimeters of rain in the Fraser Valley, a region southeast of Metro Vancouver, which was devastated by the flood two weeks ago. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Abbotsford Township in Fraser Valley on Friday to see the flood damage firsthand and talk to local officials, first responders, and First Nations leaders.

Hundreds of people are still displaced from their homes as a result of the tragedy, with supply routes still stretched and towns contending with standing water.

The projected 220 millimetres of rain coming on the city over the next five days, according to Abbotsford Mayor Henry Braun, will be a “scenario they had never encountered before.”

Trudeau hailed Abbotsford’s first responders for their “extraordinary” fortitude and perseverance in the aftermath of the floods.

Late Friday, B.C. At a joint media conference with, a committee was formed to shape the state’s recovery from widespread floods. Premier John Horgan. 

“It’s not enough for us to be there now and for the next few weeks. We will have to be there with each other for the next few months and years,” he said. ..

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