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How Netflix transformed Canada’s Media Environment

To commemorate the decade in Canada, it was a remarkable trip for Netflix in the Canadian entertainment industry. Netflix has been one of the best streaming platforms available since its inception in 1997. 

It has just grown in popularity and has been selected as one of the best platforms available. The library is full of great original content. 

Emigration to Canada was a real challenge for Netflix as it was the first time they tried to see a reaction outside the United States. Fortunately, they already had the best movies ready for Netflix Canada, so it was worth a try. 

Netflix in Canada 

Coming to Canada, Netflix turned into a success withinside the USA.

There were already 15 million subscribers there. Why they moved to Canada with confidence. However, 15 million subscribers used a program called DVD by Mail. The program was not available in Canada. This means that Netflix was the first to publish it in Canada. Success has always been guaranteed. 

How Canadians Reacted to Netflix 

Netflix knew that there was a great original content platform made up of licensed movies. When it first went on sale in Canada for $ 7.99, it was economically friendly. Canadians just wanted to hear it and wanted to try out this new way of watching television.

 It was a great experience as there was a great library of hit movies and TV shows in the catalog and it didn’t take long to try. Success was clear when Netflix had 1.2 million subscriptions in Canada.

 After witnessing its success, Netflix knew that there was a great platform to share outside the US market. In 2012, Netflix’s journey to transform the Canadian television industry was successful with announcing profits. What has changed?

Innovative content 

After seeing people embrace the new path, they soon got the chance to get the original content. This strategy was a new way to launch an original series/show that was only available on Netflix Canada. 

The introduction of series such as the Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards, and the Toronto – Shot Hemlock Glove was just the beginning.

 The production of original content has increased. This strategy worked when local stories continued to entertain subscribers. But, for being available only on Netflix, the subscriber`s numbers only went up.

 This was turning out to be great marketing, and it pulled new players who wanted to enroll in the streaming market, domestic-based players.

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