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Hundreds of people tried to enter Canada with false COVID19 test results and vaccine proof: CBSA

Forensic scientist says technology makes it easy to forge documents in certain formats Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) says it has intercepted hundreds of false COVID19 test results and records vaccinations from people trying to enter this country.

As of October 31, border officials had encountered 374 suspected fake COVID19 test results at points of entry – 160 at airports and 187 at border crossings – and intercepted 92 of them. fake vaccinations, a CBC spokesman said. 

The agency did not provide details on the circumstances, specific ports of entry, or possible countries of origin of the fraudulent documents. Because they have entry rights, Canadians who entered the country with a fake COVID19 profile were still allowed to enter the country, but border officials then turned over their information to the Health Service. 

Public of Canada (PHAC), an agency with investigative and sanctioning capacities. Non-Canadians may be refused entry. Several cases are being investigated by PHAC, which has issued seven fines for suspected false or fraudulent COVID19 test results between January 6 and November 12, this agency said. 

PHAC said it also imposed two fines for allegedly tampering with or fraudulently falsifying immunization credentials between July 6 and November 12.

International travelers who wish to enter Canada and are not exempt from the vaccine requirements must present proof of vaccination and, unless returning to the country within 72 hours of departure, molecular test results. 

COVID19 negative death. Lorian Hardcastle, a health policy expert at the University of Calgary, said she was pleased the CBSA had collected the fake documents at the border, but remained concerned. 

“I wonder what percentage of people this segment represents for all arrivals without vaccinations and/or testing,” Hardcastle said. 

She says it’s important to have a clear idea of ​​the vaccination status of people entering the country as new variants continue to emerge.

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