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Is Memorial University having an accessibility problem?

Is Memorial University having an accessibility problem?

Take away Keys:

  • Students are not able to focus on their studies due to issues with elevators and accommodations.
  • University is working to improve their services.

Smashed elevators and other obstacles can hinder the academic experiences of disabled students.

In spite of the rise in the tuition fees and the government cut continues, It is said by the Memorial University students that accessibility is being left out of the equation.

While multiple talks with recent students confirm that Newfoundland and Labrador’s only university has significant hassle that is hindering the learning experiences of disabled students.

The barriers such as infrastructure with smashed elevators and doors that do not open automatically, and wider obstacles like an overextended disability resource center, and most importantly hard in getting accommodations.

Mandy Penney who is studying at MUN since 2010 is pursuing her MBA in social entrepreneurship. She who uses a mobility aid, says She is facing the problem of accessibility at both the St. John’s campus and Grenfell Campus in Corner Brook.

Further stressing on her issues says she is not able to completely focus on her academics as she is busy taking care of other barriers that might create hurdles in her studies.

Penny realized the first barrier when on a campus tour before she even started classes at Grenfell. While the tour guide took the group up some stairs, unintentionally leaving her behind.

However, later the tour organizer apologized.

This was her first inaccessibility experience.

Broken elevators and closed doors

At the St. John’s campus, four elevators are not working for several weeks, which also include the only elevators that can reach the fifth floor of the Arts and Administration building also the only elevator for the business administration building.

However, while MUN spokesperson Sandy Woolfrey-Fahey said the work is in progress to repair the elevators of the building also added that the Arts and Administration building will have another working elevator by Spring.

Because there are only two companies for elevators so it might take a longer time in other parts of the country.

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