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It has been disclosed in a report about years of complaints, ‘psychological bullying’ of Mile One employee.

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  • The leaked report has astonished people about the psychological bullying case of a Mile one staff.
  • The complaint was brought forward in October 2018.

A leaked report on alleged workplace misconduct at Mile One Centre in St. John’s by Deacon Sports and Entertainment contains accusations dating back almost three years, citing episodes of harassment and “psychological bullying.

According to the study, which was leaked to the public earlier this week, the report was created in March by St. John’s management consulting company Goss Gilroy, which was hired by the City of St. John’s to investigate in July 2020.

The 86-page report comes as the city continues an internal inquiry that began in October when authorities stopped the Newfoundland Growlers, owned by Deacon Sports and Entertainment, from using Mile One Centre after receiving allegations of “disrespectful workplace behavior.

According to the report, the investigator discovered that senior workers of St. John’s Sports and Entertainment, which manages the arena, which was renamed Mary Brown’s Centre earlier this month, were subjected to workplace harassment by Mile One’s tenants employees, management, and leadership.

Although the St. John’s Edge basketball team inhabited the arena at the same time as the Growlers, the majority of the objectionable behavior is attributed to Growlers employees and management, according to the study.

“The renters repeated vexatious patterns of behavior that amounted to behavior that they knew or ought reasonably to have known would create intimidation, offense, and humiliation in the workplace,” the report’s conclusions stated. “Behaviors can be described as a recurring pattern of psychological bullying and intimidation.”

SJSE agreed to an interview with CBC. In response, a lawyer for the city stated that if the CBC published on the leaked material, the city would explore legal action. The statement also said that the SJSE has notified the privacy commissioner of the disclosure.

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