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It is confirmed that patient data were stolen in N.L. cyberattack says, officials.

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  • Data has been stolen by hackers is confirmed.
  • Oppositions called for an investigation and expect a response from the government.

Officials have admitted that personal information of medical patients in Newfoundland and Labrador has been stolen in the cyberattack which has caused the mess in the health system for over two weeks.

While on Monday 15th Nov Justice Minister John Hogan speaking with reporters said that it was his understanding that both patient and employee data have been taken in the attack. 

However, on Friday 12th Nov where he said that employee data had been taken, however, it has not been yet confirmed about the patient data being stolen. However, a spokesperson clarified that the situation changed following the Friday update, and the investigation was able to admit that patient data was being stolen.

The information includes names, addresses, Medical Care Plan (MCP) numbers, who the patient was visiting, the reason for the visit, name of the doctor, phone numbers, birthdays, email addresses, in- and out-patient status, maiden name, and marital status are included.

However, the regional health authorities are responsible for the data said, Hogan. But the government is responsible to keep the public up to date on the evolving situation.

Hogan further said We and the government are responsible to advise the public about any safety concerns.

However, Hogan made it clear that the government cannot confirm yet inform individuals if their data has been taken because the investigation has not yet been completed, it is yet in process.

Officials on Tuesday 15th Nov said that patient and employee data had been stolen before backtracking on Wednesday, but yet it cannot be confirmed that the patient data had been hacked.

Hogan said though there is no current evidence about the misuse of the stolen data it also cannot be denied possibility either.

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