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Jennifer Hillier Penny’s family has yet to receive closer five years after disappearing.

The brother of Jennifer Hillier Penny, a St. Anthony woman who disappeared without a trace five years ago, said police immediately declared their files cold cases and could find the closure the family was desperately looking for. 

I’m afraid it will never happen. “People can’t believe this is their fifth year,” Glen Hillier said in tears.

 “I still can’t believe it’s true. I want her to go through the door and say,’ Hello, I’m here.’ It’s a painful feeling, and her feelings are raging.”

Hillier, family members, friends, and allies continue to strive for justice, despite the fact that the RCMP inquiry has not yielded any results.

He said 50 people will gather in St. Anthony at 3 p.m. Sunday for a tribute for Hillier-Penney, replete with music, images, and placards.

Hillier said the commemoration would eventually become more of an angry march as the gathering walks past the RCMP station to the house on Husky Drive where Hillier-Penney was last seen.

“I can’t believe we’re still holding memorials after five years. We don’t appear to be much further forward than the morning I stepped inside that residence with the officer. We appear to be in the same scenario as before “Hillier stated this.

Hillier-Penney was last seen on Nov. 30, 2016, at her estranged husband’s house, where she spent the night caring for the couple’s younger daughter.

Police repeated what they said in the past in a statement to CBC News. RCMP “may have information related to the investigation, but I still feel that some people haven’t come out before.”

According to the RCMP, one piece of information might be extremely valuable to the entire investigation.

“Every year, it’s the same spiel: we’ve got things, we’re working on stuff,” Hillier explained.

Hillier stated that he and other family members had not communicated with the cops involved in a long time and that members of the investigation team have not been in the town for some time.

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