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Low mountains of Newfoundland with torrential rain, snow and fierce winds.

The final week of November started with a soggy spot in Atlantic Canada, with a strong low bringing heavy rain, snow and fierce winds on Monday. The good news for the Maritimes is that much of this impact should be over by Tuesday morning, with most of the heavy rain confined to western Newfoundland throughout the day. New Brunswick will benefit from a respite from heavy snowfall, but some marine effects could form after the low, which is also affecting parts of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Flooding will always be a concern in Newfoundland as an additional 40-70mm is still to come in areas hit hard by last week’s event. In addition to heavy rainfall, winds will again be strong for parts of the region, with gusts above 100 km/h possible for parts of Newfoundland. More on what’s left of the poten system, and a look at potential upcoming storms, below.

The weather warning continues to drop over Atlantic Canada as strong east coast lows spread across much of the Maritimes and affect Newfoundland on Tuesday.

The heaviest rains will fall Monday night in areas east of Nova Scotia and western Newfoundland that were hit by massive flooding last week. Rainfall will decrease on Tuesday. An additional total of 20-30 mm of precipitation is forecast in eastern Nova Scotia, while western Newfoundland remains at risk at 40-70 mm, so localized flooding remains a serious concern.

Elsewhere, there could be 10-30mm for the rest of Newfoundland and just 5-10mm for parts of central and southern Nova Scotia, as moisture will escape there through Monday night.

Meanwhile, most of the heavy snowfall in New Brunswick will ease by Monday night, with only light fires and effects on the coast through Tuesday, as well as parts of New Brunswick, Scotland, and Newfoundland.

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