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Mayors want adequate particulars before N.L. drives on with regionalization

Nfld and Labrador

Key takeaways: 

  • ‘The problem is how much it will cost to be a piece of the province,’ states Humber Arm South mayor.
  • Fogo Island Mayor Andrew Shea, Anchor Point Mayor Gerry Gros, and Humber Arm South Mayor Erica Humber-Shears state they want particulars before regionalization.

Mayor of Nfld and Labrador want fine details: 

With regionalization threatening and a plan with few attributes so far, mayors of rural Newfoundland and Labrador neighborhoods are uncertain on how they feel regarding the regional government’s strategy to shrink many of them together.

The region is persisting in looking for forms to save money. At the same time, it enhances the viability of its 275 municipalities — 78 percent of which have residents of less than 1,000.

“We don’t have a bunch of the fine details, but for us in Humber Arm South, one of the advantages I think would be the benefit of an enforcement officer, municipal police, on some level,” Erica Humber-Shears, mayor of Humber Arm South in Bay of Islands, informed CBC Radio’s Newfoundland Morning on Monday. “If you look at possible tourism options for marketing goals, as an individual town, your reserves are finite. But, as a province potentially, you could have a larger marketing campaign.” Source –

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Mayors of Nfld and Labrador want details before regionalization

A statement released on Wednesday by a joint working group on regionalization suggested a new provincial government system through 25 different province areas. The vision is to become more efficient with service delivery to those places. The 25 provinces will be established this year, and the final execution of regionalization is anticipated to happen in late 2024.

The region is studying suggestions made in the report and is hitting up a plan as soon as feasible. Municipal and Provincial Affairs Minister Krista Lynn Howell told the previous week.

Gerry Gros, mayor of Anchor Point on the Northern Peninsula, told over 60 neighborhoods are represented in his province, from River of Ponds north to his municipality.

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