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MUN bans students from campus and accuses him of harassing the university president.

Matt Barter says the university is trying to silence criticisms of Vianne Timmons and MUN’s spending.

The Memorial University Student Association has criticized the university’s decision to ban students from campus in protest against President Vianne Timmons.

Fourth-year student Matt Barter told CBC News that he received an email from the director of MUN Student Life on Friday night that a media briefing at Timmons on Thursday had filed a complaint against him under the University Code of Conduct for his behavior. At the event, while Timmons is speaking, Barter stands up and prints on it, “Stop Vianne! No tuition or runaway costs!”

According to Barter, the email accused him of “interpreted as harassment or intimidation of Dr. Timmons,” and the university banned him from all St. John campuses except classes, exams, and medical services and contacted him. 

He said he was taking provisional measures to ban it. A member of Timmons or the executive team. “I don’t know how my actions are considered harassment or intimidation. I have a problem with the doctor’s decision. Timmons as a commemorative president. Personally have no problem. I don’t know her as a person. “He told. 

Hilary Hennessy, Director of Foreign Affairs at the Student Organization, states that all students have the right to express their concerns and protest. 

“We feel that the Student Code of Conduct can be used in a way that silences the student activism,” Hennessey said. “We believe that students want to continue to use freedom of expression to keep talking to those in power.”

Barter has spoken out about college spending and contracts given to Timmons and other college executives, as well as the recent decision to double tuition from 2022.

In September, he and the president clashed over a poster posted on campus and demanded Timons’ resignation. At the time, Timmons opposed the personal nature of the poster and said he had instructed employees to remove the poster for violating the MUN’s respectful workplace policy. 

This is not the first time Barter has been charged with harassment in college. In 2017, when he was still a member of the Students’ Union, his colleague resigned and accused him of harassment. Barter, in turn, said he was the one who was molested.

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