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N.L. food banks witness raised demand

Nfld and Labrador

Key takeaways: 

  • COVID-19, high grocery costs, and other aspects are ‘snowballing,’ states one food bank manager.
  • Food banks across Newfoundland and Labrador notice rising demand.

Operators accuse high prices of living: 

Newfoundland and Labrador food bank operators accuse the high price of living and high food prices of recent customers.

Since Christmas, David Harvey, ministry leader for the Salvation Army food bank in Port aux Basques, states he’s begun noticing more new customers and returning buyers who haven’t been satisfied with the food bank in a year or more.

“With prices and how things are, individuals are finding it hard to create ends meet anymore,” he informed CBC News on Monday. Source –

Harvey told the food bank serves approximately 75 to 100 households a month in Port aux Basques, a district of roughly 4,000, and the surrounding regions. He stated the food bank has signed up five or six new consumers in the previous couple of weeks, an unusually high number, as the price of living inclines.

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Food bank operators blame the high cost of living

He suggested the issue of paying for things like rent, a mortgage, gas, food, clothing, child care, and schooling while making low or minimum salaries. He stated he doesn’t think the requirement for food banks will ever disperse, but a higher lowest pay could help.

“We could bring that part up to a fair salary, a working wage, and, you know, that may stop some of those problems.” Source –

The effect of COVID-19

Harvey stated COVID-19 and its consequence on businesses play a part in the need on the food bank, as some workers see their earnings sliced.

“Businesses can’t afford it anymore, to keep full staff,” he stated. “So now they’re down to maybe half days or one day or two days a week versus maybe three or four days before this.” Source –

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