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N.L. restrictions are disrupting vacation plans for Nova Scotia tourists.

Nova Scotia dad is ‘devastated’ he won’t be able to see his three children this Christmas.

After being unable to spend Christmas with his three children last year due to the COVID19 pandemic, Jay Thomas was delighted to spend the holiday with them this year. 

The man from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia was eager to fly to St. But the new requirement, effective Tuesday, that travelers to Newfoundland and Labrador must self-isolate for five days leaves him with no choice but to cancel. 

After hearing the news he was devastated, he said. Moreover, he has to convey the sad news through Zoom call last night They look forward to seeing him and their siblings here in town. 

I will try to travel to Newfoundland again next summer With just one break from work, Thomas couldn’t live in isolation for five days. 

“It’s frustrating at the moment because Newfoundland seems to be the only jurisdiction currently imposing new travel restrictions,” he said, adding that he could change his flight next July. 

Hoping the COVID19 situation has calmed down. He is one of many forced to change their plans after the new restrictions were announced on Sunday. 

Krista Blackwood arrived at the boarding gate at Halifax Stanfield International Airport on Sunday night on her way home to Newfoundland, for some reason her flight was canceled and she was re-hired on the flight leaving on Tuesday, with all that who have been waiting. 

“People cry, people get angry,” she said.

She will always go home, but due to the quarantine rules, she will have to go into hiding until Gifting Day, which means she will go missing on Christmas Day with her sister, niece and cousins. other family members. 

It was a difficult time, as she returned home to St. John’s Theater earlier than she expected, as the Christmas pantomime she was performing at the Neptune Theater was canceled for safety reasons.

“It prevents people from going home” 

Although the theater company has been “up and down” supporting her in their efforts to bring her home to celebrate Christmas with her family, something happening beyond their control will not happen. 

A Newfoundland and Labrador resident, Blackwood is impressed with how the provincial government has implemented strict guidelines during the pandemic, but says it hasn’t made things any easier.

 “It is quite disappointing, of course, I understand the reason, but it is difficult at Christmas, the restrictions do exactly what they want them to do, they keep people from going home,” Blackwood said.

No new travel ban is expected in Nova Scotia, but Prime Minister Tim Houston encourages people to limit their close contact to a small number of people. 

Houston attends all Atlantic Prime Ministers’ meetings on Monday afternoon but has no information on what is on the agenda. 

The Prime Minister’s Office also issued a statement to confirm that Houston had spoken to his faction about international travel in accordance with recommendations from Ottawa to avoid unnecessary travel abroad. 

The statement states that progressive conservative MLA will not travel abroad for Christmas.

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