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NFL is reducing tests for asymptomatic vaccinated athletes.

Starting Sunday, New York, only unvaccinated athletes and athletes with possible symptoms of COVID 19 will be tested according to the NFL’s revised protocol. 

Even high-risk players are up to 2:00 pm. According to a note sent to the club on Saturday and received by the Associated Press, we will send a written notification on Monday if you choose to opt out.

 No payment is made to the player and the cancellation is irrevocable. “Medical information strongly suggests that this variant is much more contagious than its predecessor, but probably less severe, especially for those who have been fully vaccinated and boosted. “Well,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in another note from the club.

“Our experience with Omicron variants is in perfect agreement with this expectation, but while more players and staff are positive, about two-thirds of these people are asymptomatic. Yes, most of the rest have only mild symptoms, and virus-positive people are more likely to agree to elimination than Delta or previous variants. 

Omicron seems to be in many ways. “On Friday, the league postponed three games scheduled for this weekend due to the outbreak of COVID19. Los Angeles Rams in Seattle And Philadelphia near Washington Sunday through Tuesday. 

A new protocol, in addition to targeted test schedules and opt-out options, gives players more flexibility to participate in virtual conferences. League and NFL players earlier this week. The Association will be more likely if an asymptomatic vaccinated player has two negative tests on the same day, or if the negative test and antibody test show that the person has reached a certain level. 

We’ve updated the protocol to allow you to return faster. Teams with 21 of the 23 players who tested positive should have been able to practice due to mild symptoms. “

“We will continue to monitor medical and public development in general and clubs and further tailor the protocol as the case goes, including introducing greater flexibility based on medical considerations. 

We’re ready, “says Goodell. Prior to , the NFL had no plans to postpone the game due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. 

The confiscation was even said to be “potentially valid.” However, recent developments on the Omicron strain of COVID 19 have changed the way the league thinks, as there were multiple outbreaks across the league in the 15th week of the season. 

Browns did another positive startline test while training for Saturday’s Raiders. Rookie James Hudson III has been added to the Reserve / COVID 19 list, joining Wyatt Teller on the right guard and Jedrick Wills Jr. on the left tackle, reaching 20 players and 12 starters. 

With the League’s test protocol relaxed, Browns may regain some players in time for the Raiders. “It would be great if the boys came back,” said Kevin Stefanski. “Otherwise we’re okay.”

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