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“One in Hundred Year Storm” Can Rain 350mm on Southwest Newfoundland

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  • It is assumed 15-20mm per hour rain in some areas of Newfoundland.
  • In the next 36 hours, the southwestern area of Newfoundland can rain between 200-350 mm.

According to meteorologist Ashley Brauweiler, it can rain 15-20 mm per hour in some areas.

At the southwestern tip of Newfoundland, meteorologists say it is likely to be on the record, with 200-350 millimeters of rain in the next 36 hours.

According to Justin Boudreau of the Canadian Department of Environment and Meteorology in Gander, heavy rains begin Tuesday morning and continue until Wednesday as a tropical valley park in the Port aux Basques and Wreckhouse areas.

The system provides 24-36 hours of continuous rainfall, with sustained winds of over 100 km / h, which can reach 150 km / h.

At this point, 200 [mm] is a good low end. Mr. Boudreau told CBC News on Monday. This storm could be the state’s largest rainfall event, which was 268 mm in Burgeo in 2016.

However, from what he sees, it’s a storm more than once every 100 years.

The system is almost entirely confined to the southwestern tip of Newfoundland which he calls remarkable.

“When he examined 48-hour rainfall totals, there`s a massive wide variety down among Port aux Basques and Burgeo and Gander and the northeast has 0.5 mm. It is something else,” he said

According to CBC meteorologist Ashley Brauweiler, the system has a high potential for leaching and flooding.

According to Brauweiler, the system is run by an atmospheric river that is very similar to what caused heavy rain and floods in British Columbia earlier this month.

The rain on the west coast dramatically drops to less than 30 millimeters while we can expect higher terrain of 30-50 plus millimeters is feasible. There is considerable rainfall along the southern strait of Labrador. It can happen, over 50 millimeters, he said.

Brauweiler believed the rain could be heavy with 15 to 20 mm falling per hour.

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