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Parents annoyed by repeated daycare shutdowns in N.L.

Nfld and Labrador

Key takeaways: 

  • Exposures and runny noses holding children out of daycares regularly, mothers state.
  • Parents have been running for child-care arrangements as the Omicron surge strikes daycares across the region.

The frustration of parents due to closures in daycare: 

Two moms in Newfoundland and Labrador want modifications to how the region controls COVID-19 within its daycare centers, noting missed work and increasing frustrations at approaches that force their young kids to remain home more often than not.

“Three-year-olds with sniffly noses can’t go to daycare anymore,” stated an exasperated Sarah Dyson, a mom of one in Corner Brook. Source –

“And if anyone knows what kids are like in the winter, they have runny noses the whole time.” Source –

Dyson can work from home in her employment with the federal government. But with a toddler everywhere, not much is getting accomplished.

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NL mums frustrated due to closures of daycares

Her daughter is now at the residence after her daycare shut-in mid-January due to a COVID-19 attack. Dyson stated that because they’re self-isolating, nobody can come by to help out during the day.

“Without the support of family, it’s quite unbelievable to do any kind of work or get anything done constructively,” she stated. Source –

Lorna Bursey, a seller in Corner Brook who can’t work from home, saw herself using treasured holiday time to stay home with her young son when he acquired a gentle case of COVID-19.

For a month before that, a family member crossed three hours to remain in their home and help with child care when her son caught a bug of one kind or another, causing him to self-isolate.

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