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Pub workers say police need to be increased to stop fighting downtown St. John’s

After a recent fight over a transportation hub in downtown St. John’s, a pub clerk on George Street is calling for police presence early in the morning.

April Wiseman states that if she has been working in the same downtown pub for 15 years and there is no police between 2am and 3am, it could lead to a fight on George Street.

Earlier this week she wrote on Twitter about the early Sunday morning incident. In this case, 30-40 people were involved in several different battles near a taxi driver carrying passengers on George Street.

“There’s a word to explain it, and it’s terrible,” Wiseman told Radio on the Go Wednesday. “It’s very sad to see this because we went and had a great night. We go to our car, and that’s just one of the things you don’t want to see.”

According to Wiseman, the police usually patrol the streets at midnight, but often do not return early in the morning when people flock from pubs and nightclubs.

She says she feels less dangerous, but she believes that the increased presence of police will make the area safer for everyone.

“This is a great place and there are a lot of talents there …. If you go see this on Saturday, Sunday morning, it’s not a good time. It just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. “She said.

“Put a police car on the corner of Adelaide and George with a taxi, and I and my customers know that I and other citizens can safely go home.”

Traffic issues are related to safety: George Street Association

DonE Coady, director of marketing and communications for the George Street Association, said it was important for workers such as Wiseman to warn police of unmanageable behavior.

“This is a concern expressed by many downtown people,” he said Thursday.

“We think it’s important to have these stories, as we all share the same view that safety is our number one priority.”

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