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Public service employees to be back to workplace Tuesday, Union seeks answers

Nfld and Labrador

key takeaways: 

  • ‘Workers are involved without understanding the exact plan,’ states the president of the NAPE.
  • Some public service employees will return to offices at Confederation Building in St. John’s as early as Tuesday. 

The public service workers will be back to the workplace: 

Public service workers in Newfoundland and Labrador will start to return to the workplace Tuesday. However, the union representing public employees is still peeking for answers on how the return will move out.

Multiple core government employees began working from home as the Omicron surge ramped up in December. Still, in an email got by the media on Friday, the clerk of the executive council stated some employees would be back to work the following week.

“Over the coming days, workers who have been determined to return to the workplace will be reached by their supervisor to differ this transition. If you are not reached, you should persist in your current work arrangement unless instructed otherwise,” the email noted. Source –

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Public services workers to be back to workplace tuesday, but the union is seeking for answers

It’s not apparent how many employees will be going back to work or which government units they’ll be in.

The email also stated that COVID-19 constraints, like physical distancing and wearing masks outside personal workspaces, will result.

“We have multiple tools in our toolbox, from our compulsory vaccination and mask policies to the public health practices that have become second nature to us all,” it states. Source –

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