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Quebec has not launched a study on the curfew.

As the only state in the country to issue a curfew during a pandemic, Quebec did not have the opportunity to investigate its implications in detail. 

The government has decided to reintroduce this measure, but the Ministry of Health has published international research to justify the decision. Last month, Radio Canada sought details on the impact of the curfew, which was imposed in January 2021 and lasted until May. 

After that, the government repeated the same line as at that time. The curfew has certainly had a deterrent effect on people going out after 8 pm or at 9:30 pm, an observational study showed that this measure interfered with the rally and was notified to the Ministry of Health (MSSS).

It is also said that the curfew proved to be useful during the period when the general population has a large number of cases.

Some experts claim that it is impossible to measure the impact of this measure, but these lines have been repeated by the government. No Quebec studies In an email exchange on November 3, the Health and Social Affairs Bureau MSSS confirmed that it had not conducted a detailed investigation into the effects of the curfew. 

In light of the end of the curfew, MSSS said it has not investigated further on this issue for the time being. And even before that, , MSSS did not carry out any particular research. Again, the government took up the argument used to implement the curfew. 

This has been investigated and reported in a comparison between Quebec and Ontario. The study, published by the Prime Minister’s Office last winter, showed a decline in mobility after 8 pm. Montreal was banned from going out at night and Toronto was not taken.

An analysis conducted by Canadian researchers from December 1, 2020 to January 23, 2021 concluded that travel activity in Quebec increased 31 times after 8 pm. However, daytime mobility increased by 8.7%.

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