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RCMP warns that dangerous drugs are circulating in the Harbour Grace area after three overdoses in the past week.

The officer administered naloxone in two doses. 

 Police of Harbour Grace is warning the public about the dangerous drug inventory currently circulating in the area after three drug overdose reports last week. 

In a press release on Monday, the RCMP reported that one person had died of a drug overdose and that in two cases, officers had injected naloxone, a drug used to block the effects of opioids. 

According to the RCMP, people in both cases were taken to Carbonear General Hospital for further treatment. 

The RCMP said that a reddish-browned powdery substance was being sold as morphine or heroin, during the overdose two incidents it was detected from their sample.

“Many illegal drugs are sold at drug dealers along with various substances, including fentanyl.”

According to the RCMP, the general public can plan and prepare for opioid overdose by wearing a naloxone kit. The kit is free and can be requested by calling 811 or visiting the state government’s website for a list of naloxone kit vendors.

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