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Self-quarantine on vacation? This is how you get over it.

It’s okay to admit it’s terrible, “says psychologists. 

With more cases of COVID19 and Newfoundland and Labrador entering alert level 3, many in the state are working on vacation plan changes, and isolated people face the prospect of spending Christmas alone.

 Anyone who travels to Newfoundland and Labrador after 3 pm on Tuesday must be quarantined for 5 days. In other words, it will be quarantined until after Christmas. 

Many others are isolated because they have COVID 19 or are in close contact with the person who has it. Dr. Janine Hubbard, Ph.D. registered psychologist, said self-isolation can adversely affect mental health. 

Especially if you are worried about your economy, your children, or your work safety.

Still, she said it was comforting that others were hiding at the same time as you. “We are all in the same storm, but not on the same ship,” she said in an interview. 

Hubbard said there are several things that self-isolated people can do to make their experiences more manageable during the holidays.

In less than a month, N.L. I’m sure there is light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. With the onset of the Omicron variant in mid-December, everything changed, leading to a surge in cases nationwide. 

Hubbard said it is important to acknowledge the negative emotions such as frustration and anger that may be experienced as a result of this recent pandemic recession. 

“Give yourself time to mourn that these holidays don’t work as you planned,” she said. “It’s okay to admit that it’s bad.”

According to Hubbard, take the time to sit down on your emotions and then change your mind. 

She pointed out that most people will experience a problematic Christmas holiday someday, and said it is important to remember that, despite the traditions that accompany it, it is only one day a year. .. She plans to repeat the Christmas tradition after quarantine, or within the year. “Please look forward to this,” she said. 

Schedule video calls with her family and friends for gift exchanges and other moments. If you don’t have access to the internet, ask Hubbard to record a video, Hubbard suggested.

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