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The ceremony continues even after volunteers intervene to replace the stolen wreath.

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  • Thousands of wreaths were stolen from Maxville, Ontario. last week
  • A wreath ceremony in honor of the Canadian Army could take place this weekend, but thousands of handmade ornaments were stolen just a week ago.

 After nearly 3,000 people were stolen from real estate in southeastern Ottawa, Macksville, Ontario in late November, volunteers gathered on Saturday to spend extra time sewing new garlands.

They struggled to make enough for a Sunday ceremony at the National Military Cemetery at Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa. 

“It was really painful to clench my teeth because I was stealing from the community,” said Nick McCarthy, vice president of Wreaths Across Canada, a non-profit organization that makes handmade garlands, a memorable and prestigious army. 

 Staff and their families. McCarthy praised the extra time the volunteers spent to make sure the ceremony was taking place on Sunday.

Margaret Mackenzie appreciates this effort. 

“It’s proof that the military community, veterans, families, serving members, and allies truly believe in being together, connected, and doing something,” she said. 

Mackenzie knows the challenges and demands of being part of a military family. Her husband served in the Canadian Forces for 30 years. 

They’ve moved dozens of times and spent hundreds of hours together. She says that wreath-laying ceremonies show gratitude to those who have served. 

“We wouldn’t be here without that, without all these soldiers helping us out,” she said.

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