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The family inherits the father’s legacy of donating to the Community Food Sharing Association.

Smith’s legacy of helping the blackboard helps make the season better for many in need Brad Smith left a considerable legacy for his family during the Christmas season.

 About 15 years ago, while watching the evening news, Smith saw a call for turkey donations at the then CBC Turkey Drive. “My dad saw it in the news one night and he wanted to be part of it,” recalls his son Brandon Dwyer.

 “He started with 150 turkeys. As his life got better, he increased a little and we started donating 250 turkeys a year. 

“I remember when I was little he was involved with me, my brother Ryan, my cousin Johnny, and his staff involved in supporting turkeys with the whole process of picking up, delivering, “says Dwyer. 

After his father died three years ago, Brandon said one of his wishes was to take over his legacy with four charities, including the Community Food Sharing Association and Feed NL Day events.

“We decided to do more with that money. He left us a certain amount of money each year to do these things,” he says.

 For the past few years, Brandon and his family have run a grocery drive where donations can be dropped on sleds in the S&S Supply and Crosstown Rentals in Mount Pearl showrooms. We also support 10 families every holiday season.

 “My father taught me to do my best for the community and the underprivileged from an early age. He always taught us to return as much as we could, “Brandon says.” I was taught it from an early age.

Especially during the holiday season, it is now possible to give back. 

“This really makes a difference. For example, talking to Walters at the Community Food Sharing Association and seeing how this really makes a difference in people’s lives, I also talk for my family. Last year, we got 344 turkeys, which gives 344 families a better vacation. 

Last year, 16 pallets of groceries were also delivered.

Brandon says the family could only donate the money left by his father to write a check, but he wants to do more for the community. 

“The emotions that arise are wonderful. We are always trying to get families involved. The feeling is quite rewarding.”

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