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The fishing boat picks up water at St. John Harbor in the first winter storm.

More than 12 Coast Guards at Site.

At the site of a capsized fishing vessel at the Port of St. John on Thursday morning, more than 12 Coast Guards tried to prevent the boat from sinking while taking in water. 

The crew uses hoses to pump water from the executioner. 

Executioners are appearing in danger on the south side of the city’s pier. 

A Canadian Coast Guard spokesman told CBC News that he had responded to reports that the boat drank water early Thursday morning.

He discovered that the four crew members could sink the boat, a spokesman said. “We have a pollution control boom around the ship and we are working with shipowners to ensure an appropriate response to this incident to eliminate the risk of pollution from the ship,” the Coast Guard said in a statement. 

The crew will continue to suck water from the boats on Thursday at 11:00 am in the midst of the region’s first winter storm. Which might bring wind guts up to 140 km/hr and up to 30 centimeters of snow with the day progresses.

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