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The opposition has highlighted that the government has ignored warnings about Meditech system for years.

Takeaway Keys:

  • The government is hiding information about the cyberattack.
  • The system of health care is outdated.
  • Its impact can be harmful in the future system.
Premier Andrew Furey says the system is problematic.

PC opposition leader David Brazil has notified that Newfoundland and Labrador government has been avoiding internal and external warnings about the long period of its system for storing electronic health records for several years.

16th Nov 2021 the last day of the House of Assembly fall session, Brazil commented that documented warnings have been notified through multiple individuals about the aging system. It is believed that the documented warnings are on the urge to go public now.

Brazil said that there has been the flow of information internally and externally and there are challenges within the system which could be hacked easily.

Nearly 40 years ago according to the Meditech website the Newfoundland and Labrador government first chose the system as its preferred healthcare information system which has been timely updated as per advances in technology. However, the current version that is used is outdated says Brazil.

Premier Andrew Furey, an orthopedic surgeon, has spoken to reporters that the Meditech system is trouble and he is aware of its age. He wishes the government might mend the issue.

he further said that this is the right time to experiment and check if it is fine to move ahead with the same system.

However, Justice Minister John Hogan said the investigation has not yet found any evidence about the issue in the Meditech system that is related to the cause of the attack.

He further commented that the investigation will continue and as they are informed about any concern that could harm the system they will definitely reveal it to the public.

Brazil said officials are though not saying anything but the investigators are likely to know about the attack of the process and its origination.

Brazil further said there is more information that is not being shared in public. There is more to know about the details such as the nature of the cyberattack, how the track was possible, and who has done this.

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