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Thirty medical workers in the center of Labrador are isolated and LGH says staff are still servicing.

Sheshatshiu Innu Nation has banned: “People are scared,” says Grand Chief Etienne Rich.

Given the surge in cases in the healthy areas of Labrador Glenfell, including the north coast of Labrador, the CEO of LGH says 30 employees are currently unable to work due to COVID isolation and exposure protocols.

CEO Heather Brown told Laborrador Morning that while the agency has enough staff to provide emergency and emergency services in addition to responding to the pandemic, the agency has staffing issues.

“If I was a colleague, I have to admit that my colleague wasn’t there, which meant more work for someone else,” Brown said. “We are also working with other agencies to consider ways to continue to assess the situation.”

The number of isolated staff occurs on the same day. LGH has shifted “all resources” to focus solely on pandemic response, cancer treatment, obstetrics, dialysis, mental health, emergency and emergency services.

Health officials said in a statement that anyone with appointments unrelated to these services would be required to change their schedule. Premier Andrew Fury is in the area this week, giving a booster effect at Happy Valley Goose Bay.

According to Fury, Labrador has the highest COVID rate per 100,000 inhabitants in the state, and LGH also has improved testing capabilities and the necessary supplies. When asked why more resources were spent on the booster effect, but not on testing abilities, Fury said he needed a combination.

He said vaccinated people are now free to do other things and they are working to reduce the waiting time for tests.

“We are always adapting to provide the services people need and doing our best to change, but especially in Labrador … we are always adapting to be better.” Said Furey.

“This is a new crisis and we are dealing with it here.” Labrador is more susceptible to infectious diseases than other areas due to geographical and residential issues. According to Fury, the state is in contact with indigenous governments to ensure they have the tools they need.

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