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This fateful ship saved a Newfoundland dog and protected the Russians from sinking 80 years ago.

The strange and heroic story of SS Bellaventure.

The strange story of a heroic ship associated with Russia and Newfoundland made Russian diplomats commemorate the anniversary of the sinking of this month. 

Russia’s latest ambassador to Canada is the famous sealer ship S.S. Bellaventure destroyed in World War II. 

She was renamed in 1941 Alexander Sibiriakov at the time and was sold to the Russians. 

The Bellaventure was armed with artillery, and on August 25, 1942, when she encountered a German warship, her crew fought bravely. 

Russian captains and crew refused to surrender, Stepanov said in a speech in early December, succumbing to enemy fire.

“Both the ship and the crew are legendary in my country,” he told the St. John’s audience. 

Before her second life as a warship, the ship was an icebreaker sailing between drift ice off the coast of Newfoundland. Shortly before being sold to Russia, Bellaventure was moored between Sealers in 1914, the year of two simultaneous disasters that killed 251 people.

One of these disasters affected the seal hunting crew who were left behind on sea ice for two days below freezing. 

Dozens of people died in the cold, but a few survivors arrived at the icebreaker and asked for help. “Known as a rescue ship,” said Jenny Higgins, author of Perished: 1914 Newfoundland Sealing Disaster.

The captain of Bellaventure sent the crew with blankets, stretchers, and food to board the survivors. “Bella Venture has been decided to return to St. Johns with survivors and bodies,” Higgins said.

Higgins said the turbulent past of the ship has left its mark on the history of two different places. 

“It’s also in the Russian curriculum and the Newfoundland curriculum …. It’s interesting to see a ship sailing to a completely different part of the world and taking over a second life or second type myth. Russia In Russia , This ship is “formally called a heroic warship,” he said. 

“This feat is taught at school. Children know about it. And this is very important to us because of the enormous price my country paid to fight European Nazism.

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